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Manufacturer and exporter of Casein including Acid Casein, Edible Acid Casein, Industrial Grade Casein for applications in different Industries.

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Casein a protein substance
found in milk in the form of
calcium salt.

Casein is one of the natural component of milk. It is the most commonly used milk protein in the food industry and contains 21 amino acids.

Acid casein, a granular milk protein, is available in two types edible and industrial.


Casein is very much useful and plays important roll to various industries
mainly in:

Edible Acid Casein

  • Coffee Whitners
  • Protein for Infants
  • Processed Cheese
  • Cereals
  • Ice cream
  • Bread
  • Pharmaceutical

Industrial Grade Casein

  • Adhesive industries
  • Paper Cone Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Paper Coating Industries
  • Leather Industries
  • Safety Matches

LACT’L is reputed manufacturer of Acid Casein in India’s one of the most sophisticated plant.

LACT’L is a professionally managed and customer focused company. The company has separate export department to serve overseas clients promptly.

We will be glad to serve your requirement for edible casein or industrial casein.


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